PRIME TIME Skeleton – A colorful celebration of time

The iconic PRIME TIME collection by CENTURY combines pure lines with an everyday sportiness. Three new models in vivid, eye-catching colours have now enlivened this version equipped with a self-winding skeleton movement.

Its dodecagonal case in CENTURY sapphire is its finest signature: with its instantly recognisable silhouette, PRIME TIME seduces lovers of fashion and fine watches, year after year. Scratch-resistant, inalterable and cut entirely by hand, CENTURY sapphire constantly plays with light, giving this line of timepieces an inimitable touch of sophistication that guarantees its success. The skeleton version has become a highly desirable timepiece with its pure lines, assertive design and visible mechanism, revealing each of its components. The transparent case makes it possible to admire the subtle architecture and beating heart of the movement. This complex mechanism offers a hypnotic spectacle for luxury sports watch aficionados.

Lovers of style will also be delighted with the aura of adventure that emanates from these three new additions to the PRIME TIME SKELETON range. The version with blue rubber strap and inner bezel bearing the minute track evokes the infinity of the oceans, the competitive spirit of regattas and the challenge of a solo crossing. Light reflects and contrasts with the steel case, responding to the roaring silhouette of a watch that sits astride a black strap and sports a yellow Grand Prix inner bezel. Alongside these two models designed for seasoned competitors sits a third in fuchsia pink: this candy-coloured, attention-seeking beauty is the winning choice to celebrate champions and frontrunners. They all feature the details that comprise the heart and soul of the PRIME TIME SKELETON: the contemporary raised hour-markers and the open-worked hands, their straight lines illuminated at night by a luminescent finish that highlights their graphic rigour.

These three new PRIME TIME SKELETON models remain loyal to the DNA of this collection, celebrating the magic of every instant by combining a stylish, sporty look with an energetic yet brilliantly relaxed, casual spirit on the wrist.

Model in steel. CENTURY sapphire with 12 facets cut and polished by hand. Swiss self-winding mechanical movement, skeleton. Rubber strap.