AFFINITY – Time to treasure

The ever timeless and discretely luxurious AFFINITY now comes in a rectangular case in 18 ct. yellow gold – a first. Its fresh radiance rejuvenates the legend surrounding this iconic timepiece, which has now acquired an aura of a jewellery myth.

Gold and diamonds: this is the new equation of the AFFINITY. From the detail on the attachments and bracelet to the shape chosen for the CENTURY sapphire: everything comes together to make this model pulsate with feminine beauty. The 54 precious stones set on the attachments echo the sparkling hour-markers and delicate iridescence of the white mother-of-pearl dial. It is new, but its identity remains constant: even the most insignificant aspect has been carefully considered to make the AFFINITY the most loyal of jewellery watches.

The attachments that frame the AFFINITY’s beating heart allow a view from the sides of the complexity of the CENTURY “Megalith” case. This technique is used to fuse two discs of sapphire into one inseparable piece, and is one of the distinctive marks of the brand’s timepieces.

The 28 facets of the CENTURY sapphire, cut and polished entirely by hand by the Manufacture’s master craftspeople, perform a veritable symphony of light with every movement of the wrist. The curves of the barrel link bracelet are not just for visual effect: they also ensure a unique smoothness and lightness on the wrist, caressing the skin at every moment. There is also a new alligator strap in a warm brown, with an equally sensual feel. In either case, this exclusive sensation will remind the wearer of the true identity and beauty of their AFFINITY timepiece at any time of day or night.

Model in 18 ct. yellow gold. CENTURY sapphire with 66 facets cut and polished by hand. Natural white mother-of-pearl dial. Quartz movement. 18 ct. yellow gold bracelet or alligator leather strap.