FIRST CLASS – world-class style

Simple lines that enchant everyday life. A new arrival in the CONTEMPORARY TIMEPIECE collection, dedicated to everyday CENTURY watches, FIRST CLASS immediately makes an impression of strength mingled with irresistible softness.

Its flowing lines emanate timeless elegance and a feeling of power similar to that of the great rivers such as the the Amazon, the Saint Lawrence and the Nile.

ELEGANCE – Elegance floating suspended against the skin

Discreet but essential. Refined yet subtle. This watch’s refined design has been orchestrated down to the smallest detail. CENTURY’s ELEGANCE for men comes in a prodigious skeleton version. With its modern lines and bold design, its visible movement celebrates the classic hallmarks of masculine style more than ever before.


This year, AFFINITY, the watch that accompanies you at all times, comes with an intense midnight blue dial.

A feeling of intimacy in every moment. With AFFINITY, CENTURY offers women a watch designed to accompany them as they fulfil the potential of every hour and seize the opportunities of every instant.