The magic of a starry night with the BOLERO AVENTURINE

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the BOLERO timepiece reveals itself in its new haute couture gown. Sombre, luminous and hypnotic, blending the legendary Spanish dance with the craftsmanship of the Venetian islands, BOLERO AVENTURINE radiates the magic of every precious instant with every movement of your wrist. The character of this timepiece immediately identifies it as belonging to CENTURY’s PRECIOUS ELEGANCE collection, dedicated to exceptional jewellery watches with strong personalities.

We can imagine the BOLERO dancing joyfully, glittering with a thousand lights. This seductive watch turns its small size into its greatest asset: light yet captivating, it creates charm in every moment. The BOLERO is full of romanticism too, embodied by its sparkling CENTURY sapphire, cut and polished entirely by hand. At each movement of the wrist, all 28 facets glitter in a play of black light from the aventurine, the iconic glass born when a Murano glassmaker committed a lucky mistake. A few metal flakes dropped unknowingly into the molten mixture and behold, a glass of unique beauty appears, conjuring up the sensuality of an evening gown and the magic of a starry night. Inserted between two layers of CENTURY sapphire using Nacrilith technology, aventurine becomes the BOLERO’s new mantle of light. The hour-markers, set with 12 diamonds, bring their iridescence to the dazzling performance given by the tireless BOLERO, day and night.

A touch of coquetry is provided by the attachments, evoking the rich embroidery that adorns the most beautiful boleros. This reference to fashion is further highlighted by the cushion cut of the CENTURY sapphire, a reference to the short, boxy tailoring of the legendary little jacket. For this treasured occasion, CENTURY has designed two versions of this precious timepiece, one with a white gold bracelet of Milanese mesh, the pride of Italian Renaissance goldsmiths, the other featuring a midnight blue satin strap. In both models the jewelled attachments bring out the BOLERO’s unique character, reminiscent of the flounced dresses beloved by the dancers who spin and weave their enchanting shapes for an hour, an evening or even a lifetime.

On the wrist, the dazzling, romantic BOLERO becomes a special companion. This charming timepiece is designed for the woman who likes to live every moment to the full, delighting in its playful expression of her personality.

Model in 18 ct. white gold set with 40 diamonds (0.164 ct.). CENTURY sapphire with 43 facets cut and polished by hand with aventurine. Aventurine dial. Quartz movement. Satin strap.